Marvellous Superfood

Marvellous Superfood is a green powder, made in Wales in the UK, from seven highly nutritious, organic ingredients: Chlorella, Spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, kelp, hemp and beetroot powder.

The resulting blend is a green superfood powder packed with easily absorb-able minerals, vitamins, and protein which can be taken in various ways. Read more about Marvellous Superfood


We are pleased to have a robust new client in the form of Block-Head Energy Chewing Gum.

"The Block-head Company takes the view that ‘life is for living’, that it should be exhilarating, inspirational and fun. We also believe that anything is possible. Our products, engineered with innovation and function are created to help realise these beliefs." Read more about Block-Head

WiredMonkeys helping CMV Action

We are very excited about our latest client CMV Action, a charity raising the awareness of congenitial CMV and campaigning for better prevention measures here in the UK. Read more about WiredMonkeys helping CMV Action

Welcome Whitecross!

We are delighted to have Whitecross Post Production on board for 2013!
Their Boutique facility is located near Old Street, and ideally placed between Shoreditch and Soho, right by the famous Whitecross Street Market, London's best street food market. Read more about Welcome Whitecross!

The Monkeys are full steam ahead

For some, summer is a time for sun, rest & holidays. But not here, we have been busy this month. From tutorials to full E-commerce templates and the odd optimization, we have kept on top of most of what we do to deliver outstanding service to our clients. Read more about The Monkeys are full steam ahead

Uckfield Networking group gets new site

You might have seen us mention a few weeks ago a collaboration with the lovely people at BNI Uckfield. Well, what better way to start than to give the chapter a new site. Read more about Uckfield Networking group gets new site

More monkeys for your hard earned peanuts

We sometimes take our time to do something, but don't think it's by laziness! We like to sink out teeth into something, know it all inside out, maybe over do it a bit, then get on to something new, though while keeping on top of what we already know. Read more about More monkeys for your hard earned peanuts

WM joins BNI!

After quite a life changing move for the Monkeys, or at least some small geographical relocation, the next step for us was logically to connect with local business community around the Uckfield & Lewes area, also known as the Weald. Read more about WM joins BNI!

IT for Halabja

We are very proud at WiredMonkeys to have started sponsoring Halabja Community Playground Project charity by providing them with IT components, digital cameras and other equipments. Read more about IT for Halabja

Lupiart Wordpress Rescue

We rescued one of our favourite artist's wordpress install after a hosting nightmare left her without a site.

Based in Scotland she produce beautiful pictures - Read more about Lupiart Wordpress Rescue